Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Day 2: Work starts!

The day started with a beautiful breakfast then a bumpy car ride to the hospital.  When we arrived devotions were being held and a long line of families waiting with children to be assessed for their operations.

After that we were given a tour round the hospital - so much has been done since the original building in 2012, so much progress since then and now much larger hospital able to deal with so many more patients has developed.

Debra and I had the opportunity to interview Nicodemus (13 years ) and Flevia (4 months) two children with club foot.  Nicodemus had had an operation to correct it where as Fleviawas having a splint with plaster cast put on.  We both found this very emotional and eye opening – but we’ll leave it at that.

After chai tea and mandazi a fried doughnut which was soooo nice - we started rubbing down and painting bookcases.  A memory from college came to me as the foreman, Soloman, mixed sawdust and PVA glue to make filler.  

We stopped for lunch which was a goat dish, beans, potatoes, rice and cabbage – yes, we were very well fed!

The afternoon was tiling for Colin on the eye theatre floor, Debra and Nicky painting furniture and then Colin and myselfstarted to paint the walls in the eye theatre. 


Brushes washed out, we started on the 45 minute walk back to the guesthouse.  

The number of people walking still shocks me and as we walked past a

school the kids run at us shouting ‘Doctors!’ I must admit, I’d look good in white! 

After a long shower, more food was served and the evening rounded off with cards, I just watched (such fun)!

Thanks for reading :)

Gary (and the team)


  1. Must start up selling PVA!!
    Sounds like you're all being well looked after and fed very well indeed!!
    Keep up the good work guys.

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