Saturday, 7 November 2015

Days 6 & 7: Last day and Safari...

Friday was our final day at the hospital and I think it is safe to say that we were all quite emotional about it. We got to the hospital early as there are to be 'devotions' and the staff would like to say thank you for our help this week.

The celebration began with traditional African singing and dancing - it was so high in energy and totally infectious! They had us clapping and dancing along with them and then they presented us individually with a tinsel garland and a thank you card.

Gary had made quite an impression on a 6 year old, Mohammed, who couldn't speak. He slapped Gary on the arm during the dancing so that he could join in which was really touching. 

We all said a few words of thanks as we are truly privileged to have been able to contribute to the good work of the hospital.

We took some gifts with us and it was lovely to be able to hand them out to the individual staff and see how much it meant to them.

Afterward we visited the mission school to hand out footballs and paper and pencils. Colin was pleased that he was to meet the local scouts and saw their marching to raise the flag in front of the rest of the school. 

The gifts were welcomed with so much enthusiasm, especially when the paper was handed to the headmaster. 

Back to the eye surgery and we were all working together in one place trying to finish off the grouting and the painting of the walls. We started an impromptu singalong which Soloman and his team seemed bemused by...especially as we didn't have the full lyrics to any of the songs we attempted!! 

It was fantastic to be able to see the theatre nearly finished on our final day and it was great to meet Kiprop, the eye surgeon, who will be using the theatre and who was extremely pleased with the progress.

After an emotional day we took our last walk home for our final supper with friends.

Noah our driver for safari arrived ready for our early departure.

Saturday has rounded off an awesome week, starting off with a rather long drive from Kimilili  to Nakuru. We saw some interesting driving on the Kenyan roads and tried some sugar cane enroute.

Our mini safari didn't disappoint and rounded the week off amazingly. 

This is probably our last blog as we don't know when our next wifi connection will be! See you soon one and all.

Colin, Debra, Gary and Nicky x

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  1. Congratulations and well done to all of you. I've been following the blog all week, and it's been great to follow your progress. By the way, Debs, you missed a bit! It must be very rewarding to get an immediate feedback on your work out there. Safe journey home, all!
    Best wishes from Lee Merrell (Bristol)